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Honeycomb shades are unmistakably the most popular window covering on the market. This picture shows a Hunter Douglas Duette®. They are both affordable and stylish. And with so many colors and fabrics available the sky is the limit. Operating options include standard rectangle, standard cord locks, cordless lift, top down/bottom up, Hunter Douglas' exclusive Duette® with Ultra-Glide® and electronic with remote control just to name a few.

The combinations are endless.

As a dealer, I feel the need to use and try out all our products. We enjoy our cell shades, the special options that we have, the look and feel and the insulation they provide.

We recommend blackout in the master bedroom and in the media/tv room if you have a big screen. They stop the light and blackout the room. The semi opaque are beautiful and allow light in. So consider what kind of light control is best for each room and decide on the proper light control for each situation.

Architella™, by Hunter Douglas. It's a cell in a cell, the most efficient window covering on the market. With an R-value of up to 7.73, no other window covering comes close to the insulation.

This picture shows semi opaque on the left and the blackout on the right. The blackout has a mylar backing to prevent light from getting through.

Architella™ is the newest innovation in window coverings. They are the choice you make if you need insulation...


and good looks.

Architella™, shown here in semi opaque.

I run into the "I'm sick of the verticals. Is there anything else that I can put on my sliding door?" My answer…Vertiglide™.

The vertical honeycomb. Rides on a track at the top. We have two of them in our house and love 'em.

And all the windows in the room can be matched with horizontal honeycombs in the exact fabric and color. (See the window next to the Vertiglide™.)

As soon as I saw the massive door in this room I pulled out the Vertiglide™pictures. The Vertiglide™ in this room will open completely out of the way of a spectacular mountain view. The stack or width of the fabric when the blind is fully open is only 7 1/4" wide on both sides.

Vertiglide™ is a hit with my customers. It's certainly something to consider. They are pricier than the standard type verticals but well worth it. All my Vertiglide™ customers agree.

This picture shows a Hunter Douglas Duette®.Honeycombs will never go out of style. They insulate, they add color, they go with everything. Check out the options. Top down/bottom up, for one. Cordless lift, nice especially if there are cats or small children. Continuous cord loop, especially good for really wide windows - much stronger and more durable. Duolite™, by Hunter Douglas, two shades in one blind - sheer on top and blackout on bottom that serves all your light control needs. Pricey though (two shades in one window).

Our kitchen has a huge skylight. In winter it's always the coldest room in the house, in summer it's the hottest - until I put a blackout honeycomb in it. They ride on a track and are easily opened or closed as needed with a handy extension pole. You can do the blackout shade like we did or put a semi opaque shade up so you can still get light even when they are closed. We like our skylights now that we can control the heat, cold and the light. It's something to think about because most of the standard skylights are very inefficient.

Duette® with Skyrise® as shown here solves the problem.

Note the stationary triangle 'angle top' in this photo...

This diagram shows how an angle top works. The shade will raise to the lowest side of the top rail.

This picture shows a Hunter Douglas Duette®.If your arches dominate your windows they need to do something more than just sit there. With our top down movable arches you can adjust the look and the light. Just hope you have perfect arches or you'll pay for template fees on top of the cost of the blind. We've done many and all our customers are pleased with the outcome. I recommend movable arches.

12/30/2014 Just finished this project. These two Honeycombs with Continous Cordloop work well over the sink.

Sometimes it's a good idea to put two or three blinds in one window. A 'three-time' customer with some '3 in 1' honeycombs let me take these pictures.

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