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There are differences between faux wood and real wood blinds.

Faux is generally better suited for high humidity areas like the bathrooms, especially over the garden tub. Also quality blinds will not warp or yellow like some real woods do.

When designing a window covering for a large window keep this in mind: Faux is heavier than wood. If you will be lifting the blind a lot, a heavy blind might not be the best choice. Also, the widths allowed in faux are smaller, you can't go as wide as with real wood.

This is a faux wood blind in white tones and a textured white wood grain as well. Some faux blinds are available in wood tones. Hunter Douglas offers some called Everwood Alternative blinds.

Note the decorative valance.

Parkland™ Reflections® by Hunter Douglas
Hunter Douglas has a good selection of faux in the wood tones in their Everwood collection as seen here, but in general faux wood blinds give us fewer wood colors to pick from.

Also, there will be fewer ladders on real wood because they are so much lighter than faux. Consequently, you have fewer router holes that the strings go through which allow tiny light beams to get through.

So if we are doing a really wide window I always try to do a wood blind.

Light getting through the router holes is more evident in the darker tones like on these mahogany blinds.

Blinds in lighter colors or whites don't show the router holes as much. Not normally a big deal but when the glare is on the television screen it can be annoying.

Cheaper is rarely better. We've put blinds in a lot of rental homes and even then it's better to put in a quality blind because it will pay for itself in the long run.

Seen here is a cheapo like the ones found at the big box stores.

You get what you pay for in window coverings.

EverWood® Distinctions™ Fabric/Material Alternative WoodColor Sugar Pine by Hunter Douglas
3 on 1. This picture shows a really wide window. With a window configured like this I usually recommend that the customer considers putting in a 3 on 1. 3 on 1 means three blinds on one headrail. Note that there is one valance all the way across the top.

This is the alternative to wood in a really wide window. Usually it would be better to put a wood blind in this window but if the homeowner is willing to do a 3 on 1 then it makes sense to save a few dollars and do faux.

2 on 1 is also available in windows where the configuration warrants.

Parkland™ Classics™ by Hunter Douglas Sometimes a homeowner will be too worried about matching the blinds with the wood furniture.

All I can say is with faux/wood don't worry too much about trying to match the furniture exactly. With wood, or faux wood in this case, you don't have the same color conflicts that you may get with a fabric blind and fabric upholstered furniture.

This faux is a white tone - off white that works well with the wood furniture.

If we did a dark wood similar to the table color in this picture, the windows would be a lot darker and that may be a bad thing in some situations.

White is a beautiful accent when done right like in these windows.

They are clean and neat and they compliment the other furnishings in the room.

Faux wood can be a great, long lasting and beautiful choice. They cost a little less than wood too. So, when the right situation presents itself, I try to save money without sacrificing the design opportunity.

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